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In ancient India, children were sent to gurukul (center for learning) at a young age. Gurukuls were located outside the city limits in the forests. Here the children would learn to live in harmony with the nature under the able guidance of their guru (teacher). Their role models in life would be the guru and his wife (guru patni).

A child would learn all the skills that would enable him/ her to be successful in all walks of life by learning life skills, value system, tapping into the internal human potential, spirituality, etc. The child would also learn the art or profession for which he/she had a passion so as to earn his or her livelihood.

In our present system of education, we are taught only about earning our livelihood. All the other important aspects which go about making of a complete man/woman is missing !

At gurukul360.com, our emphasis is to make the missing aspects available to all so that one can harmonise the mind-body-spirit connection and enhance their life skills.

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Three Key Differentiators of Gurukul360.com

  • Unique Learning

    While we do not teach anything which is already taught in schools and colleges, we only teach you the enablers. These enablers will help you make the best use of all that you have ever learnt.

  • Create wisdom

    We teach you how to convert your knowledge into wisdom.

  • Succeed in all life situations

    Our courses shall teach you to make a success of your self in every situation that life unfolds.

What our founder Balagopal Keeran has to say...

I remember my childhood days when we had a joint family system when we had elders in the family to teach the children important aspects like value system, spirituality, how to lead a healthy life, how to live in harmony with the nature, significance of self-discipline, and many more valuable things which came to help later in various situations in life.

This site is my tribute to all those who helped me shape my personal and professional life and taught me many valuable life lessons.


Some of the upcoming courses are going to be of help to you in the following fields:

  • Success Principles

    Learn success principles so that you can shape your destiny in the manner that you want.

  • Apply success principles.

    We teach you how to apply success principles to life situations and create your own success recipe.

  • Cutting edge techniques

    We teach cutting edge techniques which helps you harmonize your mind-body-spirit connection and achieve unparalleled results.

  • Improve your growth.

    Our courses help improve your growth rate by cutting down on time, other resources and chances of failure. This gives you a head start against your contemporaries.

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