Refund Policy

All our products carry a 30 day guarantee for 100 percent refund, if the product is not found satisfactory.

Try us out..and if for any reason you don’t like the course for any reason, within 30 days – just email to us for a full refund stating “Refund Request” in the subject line, at…

We will simply stop your subscription and refund the money you paid to us(less govt. taxes, if any) !!

Kindly allow us 4-7 working days to process your request. Please delete all study material that you had downloaded from our site as a token of your returning the product back to us upon cancellation of your order and requesting for a refund. We trust you would adhere to this.

Upon processing your refund request, we shall send an advice to our bankers to refund your paid amount to us (less any govt taxes, if any). The mode of refund shall be the same as the mode of electronic payment (back to the same account from which we received your payment).

Please note that the refund policy would expire at the end of 30 days of execution of your order from our end and that we shall not be in a position to fulfill your request.

Your placing an order on us deems that you have read all of our policy documents and are in agreement with them.